Funding Needed! Please Help Callie!

Everyone who works in rescue loves dogs, loves the amazing dimensions of joy, laughter, and devotion that they bring to the lives they touch, the way our memories are touched by them, the way our hearts wear the shape of this wagging tail or that soulful look. The hardest fact we have to face is that we can’t save them all. And, often, we need a lot of support from a lot of people to save even one. Callie is one of those that we need your special help with, one of those to whom we really could not say, “No, we just can’t.”

This sweet face needs some help, some medical help. And, very quickly, the cost of that starts to climb. Callie’s owner left her and her sister at a shelter in TX. The shelter said they would have to put down both dogs after Memorial Day. Someone adopted Callie’s sister the day before they were to be put down. No one adopted Callie. She needs entropian surgery on both eyes for lashes turned inward that rub against her eyes. She is heartworm positive. She needs to be spayed. Without the help of rescue, she didn’t have much of a chance for the next day.

We just couldn’t let this Lab/Shepherd beauty go. And, we didn’t. But now we need some help in giving her the care she needs to bring the joy to people we know she can. She is currently in medical boarding in TX.

She will need a longer term foster to help her heal from what is, really, just plain old human neglect. She is so deserving. So, here we are with our hand out. Dogs like Callie are the ones we are here to save, the dogs who just wouldn’t be here without rescues. But we can’t help her unless you help us because that’s how all this works. Any donation you could make we could appreciate. We are new and we want to be here for the Callie’s for whom even common problems can mean life or death in overcrowded shelters.

Without donors and fosters, rescues do not exist. It is the donors and the fosters who really save dogs, who make their second chances available, who make new homes possible. Help us help Callie so we can all do the small things that make the heart grow, the small things that make a big life possible. And share. In the rescue. About the work of rescue. We appreciate you; dogs like Callie owe you their lives. And you share in the joy you will help these dogs bring to the families they are just waiting to love.

Donations can be made via the following link: Help Callie.