Carolyn – Adoption Pending!

Lab lovers, we have a great dog for you. The beginning of Carolyn’s story is a bit heartbreaking. She was dumped in the woods alone and pregnant. It can be assumed that this was the reason she was dumped. She gave birth to her babies near someone’s hunting cabin. The hunters let her and her two remaining babies stay in the cabin but they were only there maybe once a week, sometimes once a month to feed her. Volunteers went out as they could to feed her in between. The sad part of her story ends there as we were alerted to this situation and stepped up to help. Carolyn and her babies were transferred to one of our very best Mom/ Pup foster homes where they got all the care they needed.

Carolyn is ready to put the past behind her and begin her search for her furever home. She is very much a lab and has the personality and energy level that lab lovers can appreciate. She will need some basic training. For example: she will need to learn that the piece of steak sitting on the counter is not for her. We can’t say we blame her for trying, as she probably missed a good deal of meals in her past. And well…who could pass up a nice juicy steak?

Carolyn has done okay with male dogs but seems to be a bit particular about females. We are unsure if this has to do with the fact that her puppies were with her at the time and she was being protective, as many female dogs with babies are. Someone who would be committed to working on slow introductions with other dogs or allowing her to be an only dog would be ideal. She has been fine meeting other dogs while out on walks in the park and on various other errands with her foster mom. Carolyn hasn’t met a cat that we know of. At only a year old, Carolyn is pretty much still a puppy who just needs some basic obedience training. She has a wonderful personality and disposition. She will make a great addition to a family who loves going on walks, hikes, and various other outdoor adventures. She’s always up for some exercise. If you are interested in finding out more about sweet Carolyn, please email and fill out an application at .