Dotty with those cute speckled ears has a story to tell. Dotty’s life didn’t have the best beginning. She was abandoned and left to fend for herself. She just couldn’t find enough food sources out there on her own, and was starving, down to skin and bones. Some amazing rescue people found her, and for her into a foster home where the healing process began. Her fosters discovered quickly that not only was this girl starving out there she is also deaf.  Fast forward to today, Dotty is now a healthy happy girl ready to find her forever home.

Dotty is going to need a adopter that is patient, loving and will to teach her hand signals. Deaf dogs can lead the same quality of life that any dog does. Dotty has no idea she’s any different from any of her foster brothers/sisters. She is happy, sweet and ready for some walks, hikes or to play in the snow! Dotty hasn’t seen snow yet and is anxious to get north and experience it.  Did I mention she is one smart cookie? She’s already learned to read shadows so she knows someone’s approaching her or her dog bed. With some time and training she will be following all your commands.

Dotty is a medium sized girl at 35 pounds, so she will easily fit in your car after you swing by Home Depot and load up all those supplies.  Dotty is good with all dogs, and people. A home with teen age kids would be best since toddlers sudden movements might scare her.

If you are interested in adopting Dotty please email and fill out an application at