Joe is a 4 yr old 25 lb terrier mix, who loves to play with his tennis ball. So the first request Joe has is lots of tennis balls please. He tends to lose one or two sometimes and needs to know there is more! He is very obsessed with his tennis ball, and would be sad if he didn’t have one. Joe can literally play ball all day long. Now along with his tennis balls Joe hoards all of his toys as well. He must not have been paying attention during kindergarten class when they had the sharing lecture. Because of this we think Joe should be placed with no other dogs. He can be a bit of an alpha when it comes to all his balls and toys, so we decided Joe should just have his own toys all to himself.
He will be fine passing dogs on walks, meeting them in the parks, just not near his tennis balls 🙂
Joe is a very happy guy and can entertain you with his quirky ways and smiling face. He is crate trained, good on a leash and understands a few commands already. If you are interested in adopting Joe please email and fill out an application at
Check out his skills here!