Nina, nina, nina… this girl is one VERY lucky girl.  She has had quite a past and even if it wasn’t all good, she is a ball of love and happiness.  We think Nina lucked out when her guardian angel, and foster, saved her single-handedly from a very bad situation in Florida.  See, Nina might not be what everyone is looking for… she is an older girl – around 8, a little on the chubby side and unfortunately she is blind.  Some people may feel bad for Nina, but she doesn’t want sympathy!  Nina is great with other dogs and people.  She has been around children and is also good with them.  Nina doesn’t let her disability nor other factors get in the way.  She is determined to live out the rest of her life in happiness… with pleny of food, love and comfort.  If you would like to help Nina fulfill her wish and be her companion, please email