Revvy – Adoption Pending!

Fans please meet Revvy. She’s a sweet girl that will steal your heart.

Here is the scoop , Revvy needs a very dog savvy handler and needs to be the only animal in the home. If you are mellow – she will not listen. Now don’t let us fool you – Revvy is smart, she knows lots of commands and loads up in an SUV better than any dog we have seen. She walks on a leash very well, sits on command and loves to run! Now if she sees a squirrel be ready because she will want to run! Revvy is happy to hang out in your car as you drive around town. Revvy just needs someone who gives her rules once home.
Revvy will not be able to go to a home with cats but we promise this girl will give you lots of kisses and will keep you as active as she wants to be.

Please email if you have are interested in Revvy or have any questions!