You guys, Roxy is a jewel of a dog! She was seriously born to be a companion. And she would absolutely LOVE someone who gets out and about, who likes to DO things like she does. She will happily run by bike for miles, politely and focused on the road ahead. She adores hiking. As you can see from her photo, this girl has an athlete’s body. That’s part of it. The other part Is she ADORES people. She loves socializing with people and other dogs at events or even small family parties. At the shelter where she is, she has many fans and the only thing they don’t like is the sad, faraway look she gets on her face when she is inside her run and people are out and about. She wants to be with them. And she should be with
She is smart. She finished a whole training course. Watch her heel in her video. She loves food and will make an extra effort to do what you want if you have some. At 60 lbs, she is a sturdy girl and would like
some equally sturdy friends and roommates. Roxy loves being alive and so wants to share it. She has so many friends and people rooting for this wonderful girl to get the family she so craves. Runners, bikers, hikers, this is your girl! Don’t let her sit in that run and be sad a second longer. She won’t let you be sad or feel lonely. She is a dream dog. Cats are not her cup of kibble but we can allow a dog that small allowance, can’t we. Write to and tell her the statuesque, athletic loving Roxy is your pick.
Check out some awesome videos of Roxy!