Musings from Stuart (the adoptable dog) on love and families—Yeah, I know. I get kidded a lot about being so philosophical, but you do know many great philosophers were German, right? Kant, Schiller, Hegel, and so on. I have been observing the world for about 5 years now. And I am a German Shepherd Dog. That’s ShePHErd, not Shepard. Where do people get that anyway? Lol.

In Stuart’s world we know that each day offers EVERYTHING, joy, pets, food, water, toys. We have our struggles, too, you know. And we don’t always have all those things. But each day, until we close our eyes at the end of it, we BELIEVE in them and in the people who have EVERYTHING in their hearts. And we give our hearts to them believing that, if they haven’t yet, they will find their own hearts as well. And we know we can help.

Take me, for example. I have had some really low days. Sick, sad, lost, on the streets as a stray. We dogs see a lot of that, you know. But all those good things that we know life means—they stayed inside me each night as I fell asleep. Then I met my foster family. They left food out for me. They spoke in a soft voice and believing got easier to do because they did. They believed in me. So I came in.

They have been great to me. They take me for walks on the leash which I love. They let me nap. Which I love. They keep things quiet and calm, give me great food and even toys, which I have found I really, really love. And they call me “good boy” and say “good job” when I jump up in the car, sleep on the floor of the room at night, and quietly agree to a bath. They have the confidence in me that I don’t always have in myself. That has made a big difference for me. So, I don’t jump or bark to keep things quiet for them too. They know me pretty well by now and think I would be best without cats or small jumpy children. They are such kind people. They even scratch my neck like I love.
They are great at caring for dogs! It is time for me to find my very own quiet, calm, patient family with maybe another calm dog buddy for me who will listen to my musings and philosophy so foster family can help some others along the way. And I can give you a great friend, loyal, compassionate, observant.

So take me. We can be pals. We can talk about love and have some quiet joy all day, every day, for day after day, until it is time to smile and close our eyes at night. Love really is logical. You see?
If interested in sharing your heart and soul with sweet Stuart, please email and fill out an adoption application at