Tanner is a sweet American Bull Dog mix who is about 2 years old. Tanner came from a shelter that called him “Cry Baby” why you might ask ? Sadly because he cried himself asleep many nights. The staff ignored that crying and just said he was being a big baby. The other dogs would pick on him and he would just whimper and walk away.
Tanner is now with an amazing foster and he loves all dogs and people. He runs around plays, shows happy smiles, and waits his turn in line for dinner. He is crate trained, house trained, and loves to give everyone kisses. Tanner is great with kids, unknown with cats.
Tanner would love a family home where he gets to go on the family vacations, and of course sleep in your bed, or his dog bed.
If you are inerested in adopting Tanner please email whitney@asecondchanceforziva.com And fill out an application at www.asecondchanceforziva.com