Chester and Leroy

Big big dog lovers, we have such a treat for you.  Please meet Chester and Leroy – our bonded pair who would love nothing more to grace your home with an abundance of joy!  Chester is a Pyrenees/Lab mix who weighs in at about 95 lbs and is about 2 years old.  Leroy is a Lab mix, weighing in just over 100 and about 5 years old.  These two are dependent on each other (Chester tends to be more dependent on Leroy).  They have been together for as long as we have known then and we would love to keep it that way!  They are sweet, have been good with other dogs (mainly disinterested and tolerant) and are mellow and quite the loungers.  It would be best for them to have a fenced in yard so they can meander as they please.  Chester and Leroy would do best in a family without those felines!  (Leroy likes to chase them!)  These do need big dog experience, because, well… they are big dogs and there are two of them!

If interested in learning more about Chester and Leroy, please email