Hi I’m Elsa a 4 year old Great Pyr X looking for my forever home.
My owners returned me back to the rescue who they adopted me from as a puppy. I don’t know what I did wrong? Well I am a Great Pyr so I have my stubborn traits but not enough to return me. I’m confused at this point. I went from a home with a yard and fluffy bed to back to getting in line trying to find another home, all the puppies get picked before me even though I give them my best sad soulful eyes!
I’m lucky my rescue is awesome and reached out to a northern rescue partner they work with. So now I am one of the chosen to go north! I’m so excited since TX is hot.
Don’t let my haircut fool you I am not a lab, my hair was matted so it had to be shaved. I can assure you fetching a ball isn’t on my list but making sure the UPS guy doesn’t come in the driveway is. I’m stubborn but cuddle, and like to follow my people around. I’d make a great companion dog for someone who doesn’t want to run 5 miles a day until it’s cold. Then I will want to stay outside all the time even when you are calling me in 20 degree weather offering up a pizza.
I will need a fenced yard so I can practice my guarding stance. Who’s got a place for me ? I promise your shoes will be where you left them when you get home 🙂
Email whitney@asecondchanceforziva.com to let her know you are interested in me.